Sr. Ignatius Loyola was the foundress of the Institution in the year 1965. The school started with an embryonic stage, with 220 students and 6 teachers, in the sheds built for classes LKG to V. Abundant blessing were showered to face all the difficulties and raise the premises to a full fledged High School within a short tenure. The school was permanently recognised in the year 1974 from classes I to X with a section each.

It was upgraded and the first batch for X was sent for public examination and amazingly all the students got through successfully ( 1970- 73).
From that time onwards the prestige of the school was further enhanced with 3500 students and 83 staff including teaching and non-teaching by the year 2005. The institution has the approval from the RJDfor opening of additional sections B,C,D&E for classes I to X.

All the staff members are formed into various committees for smooth and efficient running of the school which are successfully carrying out their activities.
The students are also grouped under 4 houses namely Red Roses, Shamrocks, Blue Bells and Daffodils.They are also organised into various clubs and work under the guidance of the respective subject teachers.Various co-curricular and extra curricular activities have been organised.Students participate in multi- fareous competitions held at our school premises and by various organisations, and won laurels to the school.And they participate in inter-school competition like Painting, Sports, Dance, Quiz, and in the National Cricket Tournament, Table tennis, U.N.O. celebrations, Geo Map quiz, etc.

Institution also organises Local trips and Educational trips for the staff and students.The school inculcates the patriotic feelings by celebrating National Festivals like Independence Day, Teachers Day and Children day with good enthusiams and fervour.

Moral education is imparted and instilling discipline is given utmost importance.A sincere effort is being made for the spiritual nourishment of our students and make them wordly-wise.Our institution does not lag behind in keeping race with a trend of education and in preparing our pupils to meet the challenges of today’s society.

We have Multimedia systems with MS-OFFICE, INTER- NET, WINDOWS-95, for students of IX class and Educational required Software,for students from III to VIII, that strives to equip our students with latest technical education and launch them into the 21st century.

Staff attends seminars organised by various organisations like Orient Longman, Oxfords university, etc.